GF=Gluten Free, V=Vegetarian, M=Mild

New Orleans Style Crawfish Boil

2 1/2 pounds of whole crawfish, seasoned with mustered seed, coriander, cayenne and dill. A New Orleans staple!   GF

Grilled Andouille Sausage

Straight from New Orleans to your plate.
The most authentic Andouille sausage char-grilled, sliced and served with Moe Joe's Creole mustard sauce.   GF

Famous Corn Crusted Alligator Tail

One half pound of tender alligator tail meat, hand breaded and served with Moe Joe's jalapeno honey dipping sauce.  

Blackened Chicken Skewers

Four white meat chicken tenderloins blackened and char-grilled.
Served on wooden skewers with our own Chipotle peanut sauce.  

Blackened Gator Skewers

Two skewers loaded with blakened alligator tail portions grilled and served with MoeJoe's jalapenio honey dipping sauce.   GF

Bayou Blackened Steak Skewers

Two skewers loaded with tender Angus Fillet seasoned with our secret blackening magic and served with horseradish cream sauce.   GF

Jezebel Seafood Skewers

Two ten inch skewers of large Gulf Shrimp and tender sea scallops lightly grilled and served with our Southern Jezebel Jam for dipping.   GF

New Orleans Crab Cakes

Three handmade New Orleans crab cakes served with Moe Joe's Creole mustard sauce.  

Sweet Caribbean Sugarcane Shrimp

Ten large Gulf Shrimp on a natural sugarcane skewer for a touch of sweetness, jerk rubbed, brushed with our Caribbean BBQ, and char grilled.
Served with mango salsa.   GF

Jamaican Jerk Wings

Ten large chicken wings, wet rubbed with Caribbean jerk seasoning and char grilled. Served with Moe Joe's Chipotle peanut sauce. All flats up-charge - $3.  

Oysters Lola

Eight Blue Point oysters baked with a light dusting of Romano cheese and bread crumbs topped with minced shrimp and hickory smoked bacon. A Moe Joe original.   M

Raw Oysters on the Half Shell

Flown in fresh and live, eight Delaware oysters served with side of cocktail sauce, lemon, hot sauce and mignonette.   M,GF

Fried Oysters

Fresh Deleware oysters hand breaded and fried to perfection, served with cocktail sauce and remoulade.  

Southern Fried Green Pepper Rings

Giant slices of green bell pepper, hand battered and deep fried. Served with buttermilk dressing... a Southern secret.   M,V

Southern Fried Crawfish Tails

1/2 pound whole crawfish tails hand battered with our own Southern peppercorn breading. Served with your choice of horseradish cocktail sauce or Moe Joe's spicy remoulade.  

Beer Battered Fried Pickles

Hand battered dill pickle spears deep fried and served with Moe Joe's Creole mustard sauce.   V

Kabrit Fromaj

A quarter pound of hand bruleed mild goat cheese atop our creole cream sauce, served with four garlic buttered toast points.   V

Beer Battered Vidalias

Sweet onions thin sliced, beer battered and served with Moe Joe's spicy remoulade.   V

Coconut Shrimp

Six large Gulf shrimp, battered with real coconut and served with Moe Joe's Pina Colada sauce.  

Classic Shrimp Cocktail

Six gulf shrimp served in a champagne glass with horseradish cocktail sauce. Great with a bottle of one of our fine Champagnes.   GF

Crawfish Arancinins

Four lightly fried balls of tender risotto hand rolled around blackened crawfish centers. Served with New Orleans remoulade.  

Fried Green Tomatoes Bon Temps

Lightly breaded slices of fried green tomato on garlic crostinis topped with homemade pimento cheese.   V