Moe Joe's Cajun and Caribbean Cuisine

There is no place that will show you a better time while eating than Moe Joe's Cajun and Caribbean Cuisine.

Walking up to Moe Joe's is like stepping out onto New Orleans' Bourbon Street. Complete with wrought iron, street lanterns and false building fronts with balconies, the exterior of the building looks as authentic as the food inside.

When you enter the building, you're overcome with music, decor and a feeling that puts you in the Mardi Gras mood. There is also a lower level, dubbed "The French Quarter Subterranean Speakeasy," which is everything it claims to be.


Legally blind chef donates electronic glasses to visually impaired teens in Chicago area

They call it serendipitous ameliorating. Chef Charlie losing his sight then inspiring everyone around him by conquering learning to live in a new way. Then Charlie’s vision goggles being stolen & the community stepping in to not just replace them but bought enough of our Key Lime Pies to give the gift of sight to 3 children.
Oh my goodness look at the difference you are making Charles Doman & our community!
Thank you for the beautiful story Jordan Arseneau! --MoeJoes

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